Why TMW Unlimited's Jennifer Cownie reads tarot cards | Creative Pursuits

Jennifer Cownie may have the word ‘strategic’ in her job title, yet outside of work it’s empathy and emotion that drive her creative pursuit of tarot card reading.

TMW’s senior strategic planner first peeked at the world of tarot on the suggestion of a friend. She learned her trade at an occult bookshop (“Yes, they do exist”) and fell in love with the art of deciphering the meanings of the cards, the order they fall in and the neighbours they make on the table.

Cownie is unsure whether she’s good at her job because of tarot reading or good at tarot reading because of her job. However she’s confident that both are underpinned by an innate sense of empathy and interest.

“I don’t think I’m magic, sadly,” she said. “It would be great if I were. But I think I’m good at reading things, and I enjoy having conversations with people, thinking about what’s going on in their lives and trying, if I can... to navigate that with them.

“If there is any magic, it’s really more in empathy – being able to talk to someone and being able to listen.”

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