Why Saatchi & Saatchi’s Mia Silverman collects KitKat wrappers | Creative Pursuits

When she’s not creating work in her role as art director at Saatchi & Saatchi, Mia Silverman enjoys football, drawing and painting. But her most unusual hobby is adding to her 13-year-old collection of KitKat wrappers.

The creative’s collection is beautifully preserved and presented in folders, where the 400+ wrappers are organised by type and country of origin. Silverman began gathering the chocolate packaging when she was studying graphic design at GCSE level and needed something unique to cover her project book.

Now she sources KitKats from all around the world, either while she’s on holiday or via her friends’ travels. She’s also known to have a peek on eBay for any new varieties she hasn’t seen before.

“As an art director I’m really interested in how the brand has evolved and also how the design of the brand has evolved over time,” said Silverman. “I have a wrapper from 1996 which is really simple, but if you look at the wrappers now they’re all different colours and made of different materials.”

The weirdest flavour she’s tried? Purple Potato from Japan.

“That was disgusting,” Silverman recalled. “I can’t believe they made it.”

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