Why Now’s Sarah Levitt makes alcoholic candyfloss | Creative Pursuits

A trip to Japan inspired Now's associate creative director to create her own brand of candyfloss – infused with alcohol in true Soho style. Sarah Levitt tells the story of Sweet Mother Fluffer in the latest episode of Creative Pursuits.

Levitt creates her alcoholic candyfloss at home in Canonbury, mixing sugar, liquors and flavourings in a pink flossing machine bought from Amazon. Her housemates have become accustomed to trays of sugar soaking in different liquors and the wisps of sweet fluff that fly into the air when the granules are whipped into their soft shape.

As for the brand, the pastel-hued Sweet Mother Fluffer, Levitt treats it as “self-indulgent fun”.

“I love finding inspiration wherever I go and turning that into something physical like your own company,” she said. “It’s been really interesting to build a brand that’s my own. It’s mad that I’m my own client in a way.”