Why LinkedIn's Jason Miller spends his nights photographing rock stars | Creative Pursuits

Not content with simply heading up content and social at LinkedIn Sales and Marketing Solutions, Jason Miller spends his evenings photographing the most rock ‘n’ roll of bands and musicians – and editing pictures into the early hours of the morning.

After an opportunity to photograph Mötley Crüe went awry in 2011, Miller committed to mastering the art of low light, fast moving photography. He soon fell in love with the opportunity to see his favourite bands and experiment creatively with the camera, and has travelled the globe ever since capturing the likes of Metallica, Kiss and Liam Gallagher.

His portfolio has recently been published into a book entitled Down in Front: A Story from the Back of the Crowd to the Front of the Stage.

“In my day job it’s important to build my personal brand,” Miller said, when asked if he sees any links between his career and creative pursuit. “I would say having the ability to talk about music and have these photos to share helps me stand apart a little bit.

“I try to inject a little bit of my personality into all the work I do so there’s always an element of Axl Rose or Megadeath in everything I write or produce.”

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