Why DigitasLBi’s Matthew Jacobson practises the art of magic | Creative Pursuits

By day, Matthew Jacobson is the global executive design director of DigitasLBi. By night, he transforms into his magical alter-ego, with tricks and illusions he’s practiced since he was seven years old.

It was his grandfather who first introduced him to the craft as a way of building his confidence as a young boy. Pretty soon he became known as Detroit’s youngest magician and toured his own curated performance, the Magical Matt Jacobson show, at local fairs and parties.

It was the alluring imagery of old magicians’ posters that inspired Jacobson to take up design as a career. However he still continues to hone his skills of trickery on the stage.

"It’s so easy online to shop for magic," he said. "I watch a lot of magic, I read a lot about magic and I still enjoy performing it. Sometimes, in a work setting, I’m able to infuse a little bit of magic into presentations I might be giving to clients.

"It’s unexpected and fun and hopefully leaves them with something they remember."

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