Why Code Computerlove's Louis Georgiou has collected 1,500+ Transformers | Creative Pursuits

Louis Georgiou, Code Computerlove’s co-founder and managing director, is a self-proclaimed obsessive character – a trait no better illustrated than by his collection of more than 1,500 Transformers figurines.

In the latest episode of Creative Pursuits, The Drum hears how Georgiou – who launched the digital agency in 1999 – began collecting the plastic figurines when looking to buy a Christmas present for his son.

He began displaying his unboxed favourites on his desk at the Manchester shop but when his habit worsened, and he moved on to amassing collectible boxed Transformers, he managed to fill the office and its storage spaces as the number of figurines reached the four-figure mark.

“It was only when I’d literally filled my house about a year ago that I realised I think it’s time it came to a stop,” he said.

Years of collecting and an addiction to eBay are not in vain, however, as next month will see Georgiou apply to become a Guinness World Record holder for the most Transformers collected.

“I do know that I get quite obsessed with things, and with the Transformers it’s about the collecting but also the design, the illustrations, the artwork, the packaging, the clever engineering behind them and the clever transformations,” he said. “It’s very similar to how I got into the industry to begin with – I started with a passion for design and an obsession with coding and engineering.

“The trait that got me where I am in the industry is what also got me interested in Transformers."