The Drum @ Cannes Lions 2018: The Vowws: Voice of a Woman & SheSays drinks reception

Gyro UK CEO, Kate Howe, recording her 'SheSays Says with The Drum' podcast

The Drum is launching a weekly podcast, in partnership with SheSays and Voice of a Woman at Cannes Lions 2018 to celebrate the second year of The Vowws conference.

The gathering will invite speakers and delegates to toast another year of the annual event which showcases a selection of the best short films – commercials, branded content, dramas, documentaries, art/experimental-films and music-videos – created by women internationally.

During the reception our associate editor, Sonoo Singh will announce the launch of the 'SheSays Say with The Drum' podcast series which interviews women from the industry to talk big ideas and themes of our times.

The podcast interviewees include: co-founder of SheSays, Mr President and The Vowws, Laura Jordan Bambach, chief executive officer, Gyro UK Kate Howe and a hostess from the Presidents Club.

Come along to The Drum Arms at The Quay Irish Pub, 17 Quai St Pierre, Tuesday 19 June, 6:30pm - 7:00pm.

Register to attend now.