Agency: Ten6
Date: Jan 2022
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Irish Spring, the classic soap brand born in Germany in 1970, today announced it will join heavy hitters Frito-Lay, Google, Taco Bell, Toyota and others at Super Bowl LVI on February 13. It will be the brand’s first-ever Super Bowl ad – though not the first time that the brand has caused a football-related stir (a Georgia grocery store famously pulled the product from its shelves ahead of a University of Georgia game against Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish).

Irish Spring today unveiled a teaser for the spot, which depicts an imagined utopia where everyone and everything smells fresh and clean. In the film, a middle-aged man in a graphic T-shirt arrives on a raft to a land of beautiful waterfalls and a community of white and beige-clad residents living in harmony. The land is dubbed Irish Spring, naturally. London-based TEN6 assisted in developing the creative.