'Stick with your gut': Pereira & O'Dell's PJ Pereira on being a great creative

What Does It Take To Be A Great Creative? is a video series that highlights the thinking of global creative leaders on specifics actions that can build a successful creative career in the industry. See what other creative leaders had to say in past episodes.

Pereira & O’Dell co-founder and chief creative officer PJ Pereira is a pioneer in the industry.

The Brazilian-born creative and best-selling novelist (‘Gods of Both Worlds) has received plenty of accolades, and led his agency in creating the first-ever social film, ‘The Inside Experience’ for Intel and Toshiba. The agency also recently won a Grand Clio in Branded Entertainment for Netscout.

He was also this year's president of the Cannes Lions Entertainment jury.

Pereira spoke with The Drum at Cannes Lions and stated that being a great creative takes courage and vision and believing your own point of view.

Ultimately, he says it's key to not let the world change you. It may try to knock you down as a creative, but you have to stick with your gut despite whatever is swirling around you.

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