Social Buzz Show: Link Humans' Laurence Hebberd reveals how to reinvigorate your personal brand, and why it matters

Laurence Hebberd (@LaurenceHebberd) senior account manager at Link Humans and head of events for online community #SMLondon pulled up a seat on this week's Social Buzz show to chat.

Up for discussion was the idea of personal branding and Hebberd offered up five things individuals can do to further their social media presence.

From having a strong headshot to getting your bio spot on, the check list covered everything. But most important of all? Originality, said Hebberd.

"You've got to have some sort of flair in there which only stands out for yourself because if you copy everyone else you're just going to be another fish in the sea," he noted.

You can watch the chat in full above.

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