Social Buzz Show: Jellyfish's Hannah Rainford gives the lowdown on social media listening

Social media listening is big business, so on this week's Social Buzz Show we asked Hannah Rainford, associate director of social media at Jellyfish, to talk us through why brands are investing serious money and resource into the function.

Joining The Drum's head of social Adam Libonatti-Roche on the sofa, Rainford also discussed how social listening will evolve in the future.

"A lot needs to be done around sentiment on these platforms, it's done by machines so sometimes they don't detect things like irony or sarcasm or whether someone's being a troll or not.

"There's also industries like the gaming industry where something being 'sick' is not negative but a lot of tools would pick that up as being negative when actually it's positive. So actually, I think to come, there's going to be a lot of stuff around using natural language processing."

You can watch the chat in full above.

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