Programmatic Private Marketplaces | Everything You Need to Know

The third episode of Everything You Need to Know - About Programmatic looks at how private marketplaces (PMPs) operate in today’s programmatic world.

PMPs are how publishers are increasingly releasing inventory to different buyers. They give agencies and advertisers first refusal of inventory, or exclusive access to premium formats.

The rise of private market places has done much to change the reputation of programmatic and sell it as an effective, brand-sensitive way of trading, rather than simply an efficient way of getting rid of remnant, poor quality inventory.

This episode explains how PMPs operate and the benefits for publishers and advertisers.

It also analyses the potential impact of the programmatic forward market. The lastest evolution of programmatic allows advertisers to reserve inventory on an upfront basis in the same way they do currently for traditional TV.

Everything You Need to Know - About Programmatic, in association with The Trade Desk, is the first in a new EYNTK series designed to help viewers quickly get up to speed with some of the most important issues in today’s marketing industry.

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The fourth episode of Everything You Need to Know - About Programmatic, available at a dedicated hub on, from 11 November, covers optimisation.