Programmatic Optimisation | Everything You Need to Know

The fourth episode of Everything You Need to Know - About Programmatic examines how programmatic lets brands optimise campaigns for their exact audience.

It explains how insights generated through the collection of data through programmatic let advertisers optimise to the right audience at the right time.

Key to this is understanding the continued importance of human analysis to generate insights, meaning the man versus machine debate is essentially flawed.

The episode makes clear that one of the biggest advantages of programmatic advertising is to benefit the end consumer by “moving from big data to the right data” in optimising towards the consumer.

Everything You Need to Know - About Programmatic, in association with The Trade Desk, is the first in a new EYNTK series designed to help viewers quickly get up to speed with some of the most important issues in today’s marketing industry.

Future episodes will cover subjects including the need for industry education, and how programmatic is shaping the agency of the future,

EYNTK is designed to offer people a way to find out everything they need to know about each crucial subject in one short film, something they can watch in the back of a taxi on the way to their next crucial meeting on the subject.

That’s why each episode is filmed in the back of a London black cab.

The fifth episode of Everything You Need to Know - About Programmatic, available at a dedicated hub on, from 25 November, covers the need for industry education around programmatic.