Patrick Collister shares untold stories of Heineken’s Water In Majorca and milk's Accrington Stanley ads

In the latest episode of You Couldn’t Make This Crap Up, The Drum’s contributing editor and Google’s creative lead in The Zoo EMEA, Patrick Collister discloses why the Milk Marketing Board picked on Accrington Stanley in its memorable Ian Rush ad and the story behind Heineken’s iconic ‘the water in Majorca’ work, explaining how the best ideas tend to come when disaster strikes.

After carefully planning a Heineken commercial about earning ‘street cred’, agency Lowe planned to include the classic line from My Fair Lady “The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plane”. However the estate of George Bernard Shaw scotched these plans by holding back the copyright.

“They were absolutely stuffed,” Collister recalled.

Alfredo Marcantonio, who used to win poetry prizes at school by changing the words and meaning in famous poems, came up with the similar alternative: “The water in Majorca don’t taste like what it oughta”. The line went on to become something of a catchphrase.

“There we go,” said Collister. “One of the most famous Heineken commercials of all time –thanks to a problem.”

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