Mission targets Gen Z talent with Livity acquisition

Livity will be the 17th agency to join the Mission family

The Mission Group has acquired Brixton-based youth-centric creative business Livity to join its existing network of 16 agencies.

Livity brings two decades of experience in helping brands such as Nike, Foot Locker and Speedo connect with youth culture by developing a greater understanding of what makes generation Z tick.

Bolstering Mission’s marketing to the next generation of consumers, the acquisition will bolster its brand, strategy, creative and content capabilities to reach a market segment that has thus far eluded the group.

Brought under the wing of Mission agency Krow, led by John Quarrey and itself acquired in 2018, Livity will retain a degree of independence as the 17th agency within the Mission family. Quarrey said: “This latest acquisition is testament to our continued strategy to focus on exploring opportunities that further enhance our compelling infrastructure.

“Our clients and prospects are acutely aware of the growing influence of gen Z and are eager to explore how they can successfully engage with a youth audience in the most meaningful way.”

Livity chief executive Alex Goat added: “We have spent 20 years innovating in culture and driving positive change for the next generation, and are excited to enter the next chapter with Mission.”

In its new form Livity will also serve as a conduit for new talent to join Mission by harnessing its established network and talent programs across the creative sector.