Mayo Clinic shows the tender moments before treatment

The Mayo Clinic is taking an emotional journey rather than a technical one, showing the moments before people get treatment for their conditions and how they deal with the uncertainty of their medical issues.

‘The Journey to Certainty’ by TBWA\Chiat\Day New York stakes the Mayo Clinic as the place patients go to be sure they can find the answers to their medical questions. It includes three poignant 60-second films that capture the sense of the unknown associated with a serious or complex diagnosis, both for the patients and for their loved ones, as well as the search for definitive answers and hope for the future.

‘Road Trip’ shows a father and son driving through the country, talking, playing road games, blowing off steam and finally pulling in front of the Mayo Clinic, where the son appears to be going for treatment for an unseen and unspoken problem.

‘Lucky Hat’ finds three women supporting each other as one prepares for the unknown. She dons her lucky hat as the others give her words of encouragement. After a truck ride across the desert, they arrive at the Mayo Clinic for her treatment.

‘Train Ride’ features a couple riding the train. The man comforts the woman as the train rolls along. They sip coffee, pass the time looking out the window, then dance and hug in the aisle before taking a cab ride to the Mayo Clinic.

The films are tagged with the line "When it's time to find answers, you know where to go."

All three hit home, showing emotion without saying what the problem with each person might be, since there is little dialogue. It’s the look in the eyes of the people that show the range of emotions that hints what they might be going through, plus the look of confidence going into the Mayo Clinic that gives them reassurances that their problems will be diagnosed and treated as best as can be done.

The films were directed by Frédéric Planchon, with music was composed by two-time Academy Award-winning composer Gustavo Santaolalla and typography by Neville Brody.

Stephen Cassivi, MD, medical director for brand strategy, Mayo Clinic, said: “These three films are an invitation to seek out the unparalleled expertise of Mayo Clinic. With realistic characters and relationships, viewers can see themselves in these scenarios, and realize they too can embark on their own journey to certainty, should they face a serious and complex health challenge. While we know that Mayo Clinic is the best for serious and complex care, we want to reach others with the message that they can turn to Mayo Clinic when they need answers and expert care.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, Currently, 88% of patients who come to its various clinics for second or third opinions get a new or refined diagnosis, garnering the hospital’s renowned reputation for conclusive care.

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