Lola MullenLowe Madrid's Pancho Cassis on what it takes to be a great creative: 'It's not about ideas anymore'

The Drum caught up with Pancho Cassis, executive creative director and copywriter at Lola MullenLowe Madrid, to find out what he thinks it takes to be a great creative.

Explaining that it no longer takes just an idea, Cassis describes the need for “hunger” from people: “It’s not only about talent or the ides anymore, a great creative need to be hungry.

“I think nowadays having ideas is not that difficult, but the great creatives are the ones that make the ideas happen.”

Having worked with Lola for over five years, Pancho first hit the scene when he was awarded the Spanish Young Lion in 2008 and has since received six gold Cannes Lions, six silver and 14 bronze.

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