Joining the dots around the consumer: The future of mobile location data

In the last few months, The Drum has been on a journey with Verve in the back of a London cab exploring the ins and outs of location data. In the final episode of Everything You Need to Know (EYNTK) About Location-Based Advertising, Ian James, general manager international at Verve, explores the future of mobile location data intelligence.

Over the course of the series, James has explained how data derived directly from the device opens up a whole world of new opportunities for marketers – enabling them to target consumers based on individual preferences, demographics and their real-world purchase behaviours.

But what does the future hold? In this episode James gives the example of younger generations, such as Generation Z who have never lived without a mobile device, and how brands now need to go beyond using traditional loyalty programs to match their expectations.

“The percentage of people who say that a loyalty program makes a store more special to them, drops from 45% with millennials to 30% with Gen Z. Gen Z expect retailers to make their lives more convenient,” he says.

Watch the full video as he reveals how brands can unlock enhanced consumer insights with location data to send personalised messaging.

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