Introducing The Drum’s monthly editorial themes – starting with a special focus on health

Today at The Drum we are excited to introduce you to a big new part of our coverage: the first in a series of monthly editorial themes diving deep into the trending topics occupying the minds of our readers.

The aim of these themes is to give you the ultimate primer on a subject of significance to marketing and media. And what more significant place to start than with a special focus on the topic dominating so many of our thoughts right now – health.

For the next two weeks, we’re going to be bringing you a plethora of carefully curated coverage spanning all matters health. Whether you’re already a pharma specialist seeking detailed sector solutions, or simply a curious company leader looking to keep staff safe and well, we’ll have something for you.

Our goal will be two-fold: to help marketers and agencies specializing in health navigate the latest developments in the space and make plans, and to give everyone else a complete overview of where the challenges and opportunities lie in this market for them.

We’ll do this by showcasing the collective knowledge of the industry in our dedicated health hub, which will live on long after our focus ends as a permanent library of intel about health marketing. There you’ll find stellar contributions from industry experts, collections of the world’s best creative output and original reporting from our team of journalists spanning the US, Europe and Asia.

Like all our coverage, our emphasis during these special themes will be on helping you solve problems and seize opportunities. Matters on the agenda during our health focus will include:

  • How marketing leaders can take care of their team’s – and their own – mental health

  • Health data privacy and the issue of building confidence among consumers

  • What brands can do to insulate themselves from the spread of fake health news

  • A comprehensive overview of the booming fitness as a service category

  • The ingredients needed to make the most effective public health campaigns

  • The post-pandemic workplace – lessons from normality returning in Asia

  • And much more

Our ambition as an editorial team is to make our themes as insightful and entertaining as possible for you, so we’d love to hear what you think of them. And if you have untapped insights around health you’d love to share with our readers, we’d like to hear those ideas too. Get in touch at

Thanks, as ever, for your contributions and support for our journalism. Keep your eyes peeled to for more on how you can get involved in our next themes in the coming weeks.

Cameron Clarke, editor, The Drum