How O2, Greengrass and Bing Ads will get men to tackle gender inequality on The Drum’s Do It Day

O2, Greengrass and Bing Ads asked creatives at Plan It Day to come up with a way to tackle gender inequality in the work place, focusing directly on men.

During Plan It Day, both teams discussed a number of ideas with one drawing inspiration from the Haribo ad that used adults with children’s voices for a wider campaign that would also encourage people to share pictures of their feet on social media. On the flipside, team two went for an online-only approach that would ask men to pledge their support for women using online and print ads to advertise the idea.

However, it was the simplicity of taking your socks and shoes off and sharing an image tagged #WalkTheTalk from team one that caught the attention of the organisations and thus winning the pitch to take the idea to Do It Day.

Winning team: Ayesha Salim, The Drum Works; Laura Hawksfield, senior PR manager, O2; Matt Bradford, PR manager, O2; Adrian Cutler, Microsoft, Bing Ads; Ian Smith, senior analyst, Rapp; Fanky Farmer, strategy director, Universal McCann.

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