How location data can bridge the digital and offline gap

A big challenge faced by marketers is bridging the customer experience across physical stores and digital channels. In the penultimate episode of Everything You Need to Know (EYNTK) – About Location-Based Advertising, Verve’s general manager international, Ian James explains how location data can help minimise this gap.

Most brands are continuing to underestimate the power of real-world shopping – even though 90% of sales still occur in bricks and mortar stores, James argues in the episode. Marketers can make the most of both worlds by understanding a customer’s in-store movements through device location technology installed in a retail app.

“The customer goes to the till and uses their brand loyalty card and then exits the store with their goods. There we have it. A mobile influenced attribution to a specific store using precise location targeting, dwell time, shopper movement in-store and CRM all overlaid together,” he says.

Watch the full video above to learn how brands can deepen their relationships with customers by gaining a clearer idea of who’s been in their store – and target those who are yet to become loyal customers.

Catch up on last week’s episode here as James explains how to distinguish between good and bad location data.

Stay tuned for the final episode which will explore what lies in store for the future of location-based advertising.

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