Highly-charged Formula E campaign likens climate change to racing

The burgeoning all-electric motorsport of Formula E has staked its claim on the future with a cinematic short positioning the sport in pole position to fight climate change while promoting season 8 of the championship.

'No Turning Back’ by Uncommon channels the grit and energy associated with the racetrack to the burning issue of climate change by equating its race-winning mentality with the urgent need to embrace electric forms of transportation.

Building on the creative studio’s ‘Change. Accelerated’ proposition for Formula E last year, the latest work seeks to turbocharge the migration of society toward sustainable travel by inspiring the same type of drive and determination that gets race car drivers over the finish line.

Recreating high-octane races using the Unreal Engine, better known for powering videogames, the campaign splices CGI with a mock-up track to show one determined driver run away with the checkered flag after leaving his vehicle behind following a catastrophic collision to continue the race on foot.

Henry Chilcott, chief marketing officer for Formula E, said: “In essence, it’s a film rooted in the racer mentality – that no matter the odds, you find a way to compete and you never give up. Set against the backdrop of a dramatic and surprising race through iconic global city centers, the film launches our narrative for season 8 – No Turning Back – and underlines Formula E’s unshakable conviction in its power to accelerate electrification and redefine the future of motorsport for fans around the world.”

James Drummond, managing partner at Uncommon, added: “This environmentally-charged film shines a light not only on the grit and determination of the exceptional drivers, but also on the unpredictability of the races themselves and the important climate issues we can’t turn back from either.”

Launching simultaneously across the UK, Germany and US on TV, cinema, digital and social, the international campaign supports upcoming free-to-air coverage of the event in Britain by Channel 4.