Agency: Havas
Date: Feb 2022
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Graphic design platform Canva is urging Filipinos to express their feelings of affection through visual stories for Valentine’s Day 2022.

The campaign, called #SayItSaCanva and created by Red Havas, sees Canva releasing Valentine’s Day-themed templates and elements in the Philippines to help people express their love in different formats.

Canva has also launched a content hub with the templates and elements people need to convey their feelings for anyone in any form across any platform.

“While the pandemic has affected our physical bonds, this doesn’t mean that it should also restrict us from sharing our love and appreciation for our loved ones. Canva’s mission is to empower the world to design,” said Yani Hornilla-Donato, the country manager for the Philippines at Canva.

“We found this opportunity for Filipinos to express themselves creatively and uniquely through our engaging tools and resources; we want people to share their stories and ‘Say It Sa Canva". We want to enable Filipinos to share what’s in their heart, not just this February but all year-round with a diverse content library for all the milestones you want to commemorate and the feelings you want to celebrate.”