"Great creatives need a partner": OKRP leaders on becoming a great creative

What Does It Take To Be A Great Creative? is a video series that highlights the thinking of global creative leaders on specifics actions that can build a successful creative career in the industry. See what other creative leaders had to say in past episodes.

For Matt Reinhard, OKRP CCO and Tom O’Keefe, OKRP founder and CEO, becoming a great creative is all about the partnership. Working together at the Chicago shop together from 20+ years, they have a bond that has helped lead some exceptional work.

To Reinhard, the ability to work among a wider team, across disciplines, is an opportunity to grow creatively. Additionally, success can come from working with people and partners “who know what they’re doing.”

In O’Keefe’s mind, partnership — and finding the right partner can help overcome not only obstacles, but the sometimes dark and daunting place that can be advertising.

Also, 100% agreement doesn’t necessarily yield the best work. In fact, O’Keefe and Reinhard have what they call the 85/15, where 85% of the time there is agreement and 15% disagreement. It’s in the latter, the 15%, where the most interesting conversations can occur that can help push the work forward.

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