Free KFC goes down a Saharan storm with reactive marketing stunt

The chicken chain sent social media users into a flap

KFC Spain is putting an apocalyptic Saharan storm – which this week blanketed much of southern Europe in a thick layer of dust – to good use in the form of a reactive marketing campaign.

Motorists caught up in the orange dust cloud are advised to head to their local drive-thru rather than the car wash to avail themselves of some free chicken in return for daubing the KFC logo on their dirty vehicles.

The impromptu viral branding exercise has been dreamed up with creative partner agency PS21, generating a whirlwind of 5m impressions and 300,000 Twitter interactions on its first day.

Likening dirt-caked cars to fried chicken, the topical promo capitalized on the weather event everyone was talking about to drive traffic to 76 KFC auto restaurants scattered around Spain.

The fast-food chain sent social media users into a flap with a tempting tweet promising two chicken strips on site of the letters KFC daubed on dusty bonnets, doors and boots.

Over 1,000 Spaniards answered the call to claim their rewards, with quick-thinking cyclists and parents joining the rush by branding their bikes and prams.

KFC and PS21 previously collaborated on a Colonel Sanders-themed makeover of a suite in one of Spain’s most luxurious hotels to help connect with younger audiences.