EYNTK 2.0: Increasing user engagement with multi-channel technologies

In this episode The Trade Desk’s solutions architect EMEA, Urszula Etheridge explains how marketers can increase user engagement with the use of multichannel technologies, make ads more relevant and achieve customer marketing at scale.

Users are savvy, informed and more knowledgeable on the value exchange advertising brings and advertisers are applying their message in a ‘considered, thoughtful and precise way” says Etheridge.

“Measuring the customer journey across channels makes it possible to see the big picture as well as picking out the detail needed to continuously inform the strategy and what targeting to apply.

What’s vital to any marketing activity is an advertising buying platform that orchestrates a campaign across multiple channels. Advertisers will be able to deliver their message with purpose and at scale to the right person, at the right time, specific to the consumers device.

“It’s relevant if it’s useful, relatable and considers the time and place of the user,” explains Etheridge. “A platform that gives a marketer a more consolidated view of a multi-channel campaign gives them the opportunity to understand more about user behavior.”