Everything You Need to Know – About Content Marketing: Measurement

The Drum has launched episode four of Everything You Need to Know – About Content Marketing, in association with PulsePoint, a video series designed to give marketers all the essential information they need about this hot industry topic in an easy to digest under-three-minute video.

The fourth episode, Measuring Effectiveness, covers the methods available to determine the success of content marketing campaigns.

The issue of measurement is of pressing concern in the industry. In fact, the Content Marketing Institute’s 2015 benchmark reports 49% of B2B and 51% of B2C marketers were challenged with measuring content effectiveness the previous year.

Episode four discusses how engagement metrics are replacing standard metrics like CTR for content marketing and native advertising.

It outlines how behavioural metrics are critical in understanding the success of content campaigns, and how they can lead to actionable insights to improve future activity.

EYNTK ‘s aim is to provide marketers with a way to find out everything you need to know about each crucial subject in one short film, something they can watch in the back of a taxi on the way to their next crucial meeting on the subject.

Everything You Need to Know is not designed to be the last definitive word on each subject. Instead, each film is intended to provide the essential information needed to fully understand each area.

The next episode covers optimisation.

The entire EYNTK series will be hosted at a dedicated hub here.