Client: Coca Cola
Date: Feb 2022
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In celebration of Lunar New Year and the Year of the Tiger, Coca-Cola has commissioned creative storyteller Yves Geleyn to direct its beautifully animated symbolic spot.

‘Real Magic Lunar New Year’ tells the tale of a son’s homecoming during the festivities. It plays on the tensions between the young tiger and his father, which of course, in the end, is aided by sharing a humble bottle of Coke.

Drawing inspiration from traditional Chinese folklore, illustration and sculpture, Geleyn has captured the importance of family and customs while tapping into the familiar narrative of generational divides.

The animation style is sleek, layered and brightly colored, which immerses the viewer right into the cat clan’s world and emphasizes the ‘connection’ theme. Lighting and attention to detail gives the landscape a luscious look that almost resembles a painting, contrasting with the tigers’ bold and energetic energy.