Agency: Coca Cola
Client: Diet Coke
Date: Mar 2022
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Diet Coke has imagined a commuter’s dream-like scenario with its new campaign titled ‘Love What You Love’ that spotlights one woman’s uplifting journey home during rush hour.

In the short film, viewers see the main character taking a sip of the fizzy beverage in the middle of a bustling city street. She is instantly transported to a tranquil and completely deserted area, and we see that she’s in fact wearing a pair of retro-style roller skates.

Gliding through the streets with spectacular twists and turns, the woman exudes pure happiness as a cover of Bjork’s It’s Oh So Quiet plays in the background. As reality begins to come back into focus and the hectic streets appear once more, the woman joyfully begins her journey home with a newfound passion.