Carl’s Jr. rebrand gets destructive, tasking the Slow Mo Guys with melting ad relics on Twitch

Fast food chains Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s are underlining their recent rebrand with a schedule to demolish its past ad items.

To welcome new mascot Carl Hardee Sr to the company, 72andSunny set to “Purge’ ad items from its spotted past in advertising featuring scantily clad women.

On 8 April, the activity will sit on social video platform Twitch’s homepage from 2 pm – 4 pm PDT. Adding an interactive element, viewers will be able to vote on how each piece is destroyed, some what reminiscent of Square Enix’s ‘Survivor Billboard’ in which viewers could vote for the weather which would pound contestants braving the elements.

Brad Haley, chief marketing officer for CKE said the new direction is about “pioneering spirits,” the flame grilled legacy will also no doubt remind consumers of its menu of charred-meat.

“To help communicate our new advertising campaign direction, we’ve pioneered a new kind of partnership with our friends at Twitch, the industry leader in interactive, live video content.”

Jason Norcross, partner and executive creative director at 72andSunny, said: “With this brand transformation campaign, we're figuratively blowing up the past, so we thought it'd be fun to invite fans to help us literally blow it up too.

“We're taking representations of the past out to a remote location, and ceremoniously blowing it all up for everyone to see. We’ve partnered with Twitch to give people the chance to play along and decide just how ‘Carl Hardee Sr.’ and ‘Carl Hardee Jr.’ destroy each relic. It’s just another example of the brand having fun with its past in order to chart a new course that gets back to focusing on the food.”

This week, rival fast food chain Burger King announced that it was to touch down with gamers too, with a campaign in which a clan of video gamers take food orders while playing titles on the PlayStation Plus Network.

Check out the final video below.