Award Winning Stories: Tangle Teezer’s mission to support the natural hair community

Welcome to Award Winning Stories, a regular video series exploring the stories behind some of the winning work from The Drum Awards.

Don’t Cry Wolf won the Chair’s Award at The Drum Awards for Social Purpose with its work for Tangle Teezer. Realizing that young children with Black and Afro hair don’t see themselves represented in fairytales, the team got help from three familiar stories to remind those kids of their own beauty.

The brand briefed its global agency team to develop a campaign in the US and the UK that would give it an authentic reason to talk to Black men and women and the natural hair community, celebrate Black and Afro hair, and improve representation in the oh-so-white beauty industry.

You can hear the full story from Don’t Cry Wolf’s managing director Sara Collinge and PR and communications consultant Anthony Patterson above and on our YouTube channel.

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