Ad of the Day: Lego builds confidence through play for International Day of the Girl

In celebration of the United Nations’ International Day of the Girl, Lego has released a new film, ‘Let’s get the world ready for girls,’ calling on parents and children to champion inclusive play for all.

The spot features inspiring and entrepreneurial girls who are already rebuilding the world through creativity, including Fatima, who is the UAE’s youngest inventor; her sister Shaika, who loves space and wants to be the first woman on the moon; and Chelsea, who is the founder of a charity that gives away free art supplies to children in need.

New research commissioned by the Lego Group reveals that girls today feel increasingly confident to engage in all types of creative activities, but remain held back by society’s ingrained gender stereotypes as they grow older.

Interestingly, of the 7000 people surveyed, parents were almost six times as likely to think of scientists, engineers and athletes as men. The children surveyed in this research share these same impressions, except girls are much more likely than boys to consider a wider range of professions to be for both women and men.

“The benefits of creative play such as building confidence, creativity and communication skills are felt by all children and yet we still experience age-old stereotypes that label activities as only being suitable for one specific gender,” said Julia Goldin, chief marketing officer at Lego Group.

“At the Lego Group we know we have a role to play in putting this right, and this campaign is one of several initiatives we are putting in place to raise awareness of the issue and ensure we make Lego play as inclusive as possible. All children should be able to reach their true creative potential.”

The latest installment of the ‘Rebuild the World’ campaign will be further amplified through local partnerships and activity in several locations. Lego has pledged to promote more inclusive play and continue the conversation around gender norms, not just for girls but for any child.

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