Ad of the Day: Elvie champions smart tech for every phase of womanhood

Leading tech brand Elvie, alongside creative agency partner Mother, has launched a global campaign to champion the amazing biological complexities of women’s bodies.

‘Smart Bodies’ brings to life Elvie products with a series of beautiful imagery and an upbeat video highlighting that our bodies aren’t fragile, complicated or confusing – they’re smart. In the spot, Eva Lazarus, a multi-genre artist and breastfeeding mother, takes center stage to perform the brand’s new catchy tune, a powerful tribute to womanhood.

“Elvie continues to hear from women that they want respect and recognition for their bodies no matter their size, shape or stage of life – and don’t want to be held to societal standards,” said Aoife Nally, chief marketing officer.

“As we celebrate International Women’s Day, it’s time we bust long-standing taboos and create tech that women deserve. Our goal is to empower and enable women to achieve everything their bodies are capable of.”

Products in the range include a breast pump, a pelvic floor trainer and breast milk collection cups.

“I wanted to get involved with Elvie on this new project because of the fears I had prior to becoming a mother,” said Lazarus. “Normalizing all of the associated experiences of womanhood/motherhood is so important and as a new mum. I found it liberating to celebrate how inspiring it is that our bodies are undeniably smart and strong. I would love women to take that away from this campaign and feel emboldened. We are magnificent.”

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