Client: Bumble
Date: Mar 2022
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Bumble is challenging the unequal world of dating with a new spot created with agency partner 72andSunny Amsterdam.

‘The Romance Gap’ highlights the discrepancies in behaviors expected from men/masculine-presenting people and women/feminine-presenting people when dating or in relationships.

The 90-second film features a group of Bumble users who give an empowering speech about their experiences with online dating.

One woman comments: “If romance was equal, why does he still have to ask me out, go in for the kiss and buy the ring?” while another adds: “Why do I feel feisty when I am honest, intense when I want commitment and slutty when I don’t?”

The conversation ends with: “Let’s drop the script and just be one thing – ourselves. It’s about time, isn’t it?” followed by the action #MakeRomanceEqual